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Water for the World 2020

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Anum Khan
Program Lead

Anum is a strong advocate for access to clean water around the globe. She currently spends her time researching techniques to eliminate hotspots for gross solids in urban water systems, as part of a research degree in Civil Engineering. In the near future, she aims to travel abroad to developing countries with non-profit organizations where she can actively play a role in building water wells to provide local residents with access to clean drinking water.

Alexus Maglalang
Volunteer Lead

Alexus is dedicated to environmental outreach and education, especially issues related to water. His graduate research focuses on using low impact development in highly impervious areas to manage stormwater. In the future he hopes to apply his research to conservation and climate change efforts related to stormwater.

Stephanie Chan
Finance and Budgeting Lead

Stephanie Chan has been living in Toronto since graduating from UBC and now works as a business analyst in the financial industry. She loves being in the city and is passionate about getting more involved in the community and putting her project management skills to use. Harnessing her creative spirit, she spends time being a part time artist creating etchings and starting a prints and paper goods company.

Sigrid Grosseth
Communications Co-Lead

Sigrid graduated from Queen’s University with a BASc in chemical engineering in 2017 and is currently pursuing her Master’s at Ryerson in environmental applied science and management. She is passionate about the environment, learning, and volunteering. Her hobbies include rock climbing, film photography, camping, and reading.

John Atherton
Communications Co-Lead

John graduated from Leeds University in the UK. After working as a large steam turbine commissioning engineer, he came to Canada and worked as an Industrial Machinery breakdown underwriter of many of Canada’s large industrial companies. After his children were born, he switched to Physics teaching. Now retired, he spends his time volunteering for EWB, travelling and playing golf and bridge. Somewhere in amongst all that he crossed the Sahara and spent some months teaching maths in a African village. Later he installed drinking water systems in two Guatemalan villages.

Kent Penaranda
Materials Co-Lead

Kent is a Mechanical Engineering student at Ryerson University. He has been involved within the Ryerson Engineering community over the years where students are able to design and build using classroom knowledge. These groups include the Ryerson Rocketry Design Team and the TETRA Design team. Kent has been involved with EWB chapters for several years and now serves as President for EWB-Ryerson. Giving back and sharing knowledge has become second nature to Kent. Kent is now a leader in the engineering Frosh Week as well as program assistant for the SHAD program.

Carley Haakenson-Tetzlaff
Materials Co-Lead

Carley Haakenson is the materials lead for the Water for the World workshops of 2020. Carley is in her second year of mechanical engineering at Ryerson University and is enthusiastic about her participation in W4TW. As a second year engineering student, she has become immersed in a number of extracurriculars at Ryerson University including membership in the Ryerson chapter of Engineers Without Borders.

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