Kumvana Fellows Highlight: Freda Owusu

We are pleased to introduce the first of EWB Toronto Professional Chapter’s 2020 Kumvana Fellows!

Freda Owusu

Freda is the Founder and Executive Director of Liberty Hope Center, a social enterprise that is focused on providing quality, inclusive and equitable early childhood education in Accra, Ghana.

Freda is passionate about changing the education system in her country, she would like to make a positive impact in numerous ways, one of which would be to instill gender inclusive language.

As part of her stay in Toronto, Freda is looking to build knowledge and skills in financial and business management, leadership, and mobile and web development. She is looking to connect with organizations such as early childhood educators, community center organizers, education policy makers, women-led organizations, and learning centers. She wants to share her first-hand experience working in a developing country.

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