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Our 2020 Water for the World Lead, Anum Khan, was recently featured in an article by the EWB Community Resource Hub.

Anum is a strong advocate for access to clean water around the globe. She currently spends her time researching techniques to eliminate hotspots for gross solids in urban water systems, as part of a research degree in Civil Engineering. In the near future, she aims to travel abroad to developing countries with non-profit organizations where she can actively play a role in building water wells to provide local residents with access to clean drinking water.

Learn more about her research in “Anum Khan – Clogged Systems and the Art of Unclogging Them”

Other EWB community members highlighted are: Mwansa Chalo, Kumvana Fellow, and Aditya Chaudhuri, Calgary Professional Chapter President.

Articles are available in both English and French.

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